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plug&paid is a comprehensive suite of e-commerce tools to help manage every part of consumer and business sales. plug&paid gives you complete control, enabling you to sell – quite literally – anywhere. Sell in social media channels like Facebook and Instagram without the customer having to leave the post, create your own storefront and embed into your website, or use the hosted checkout widgets and a plug&paid hosted website. Supporting physical products as well as digital products like e-books, time or skill-based services – even subscriptions – via websites, social channels, even a printed flyer. Detailed analytics and management reporting, even an affiliate scheme, it is a complete sales and marketing service in one, and second to none.

Core Commerce

Sell anywhere, effortlessly

Must-have eCommerce tools at your fingertips, enabling you to sell more, with less effort.

Sell anywhere and everywhere, both on and offline, with complete control over your brand, products and customers.

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plug&paid checkout pages
Flexible Payments

Secure, yet easy payment options

Collect payments from your checkout pages, create custom invoices with one-click payment links or offer recurring subscriptions – we have everything covered.

Supporting payment by card, paypal, bank transfer, credit accounts for one off and recurring payments.

Comprehensive Marketing

Intuitive & Powerful

Increase your revenue by using Upsells and Order Bumps, offer expiring discount coupons or vouchers. Plug into other tools easily with Zapier integrations.

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Affiliate Center

Build a network of affiliate sellers

Exponentiallygrow your sales by building your own network of affiliate partners to resell your products or services in exchange for commissions.


partner benefits

Your producer premium subscription means free access, no monthly subscription, and a 20% reduction in plug&paid checkout fees.

With a UKFoodWeb premium subscription, the monthly fee is waived and you receive a 20% reduction in the already low checkout fees. For standard and starter subscriptions, connect the plug&paid service for a reduced £5 per month and a 10% reduction in checkout fees.

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Fully Integrated

One Click Listings

Of course, as you'd expect, UKFoodWeb is fully integrated with plug&paid so products can be set up in plug&paid with one mouse click.

10 Minutes Set Up

Simple, Fast, Flexible

plug&paid is so simple and inuitive to use, you can be up and selling within 10 minutes.


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