We believe in collaborating and partnering with like-minded organisations to promote and nurture the UK’s unsung food and drink heroes, the producers that are the lifeblood of our fabulous craft, artisan and local food and drink sector.

Only by working together can we strive, and succeed, in getting local food and drink back on peoples plates. Back into the mainstream, as we remember it was before we all became so reliant on supermarkets and convenience food.

We offer unique benefits for Membership Groups we partner with, as well as for their members.

We partner with local councils, national and regional food & drink associations as well as food & drink related not for profit foundations and organisations.

Association Benefits

For partners, we can provide a service to embed directly into your own website to directly benefit from the rich functionality UKFoodWeb offers, all accessed via your own domain name (e.g. ‘map.yourdomain.com‘), so it looks fully integrated with your own site. This partner service features your own logo and branding, and is restricted to display only your members.

It can be set within 48 hours, all with no technical risk, providing access to the following pages and the rich functionality they offer.

Map with pins and food producer tiles

Producers, Filterable by Category

A map page with your branding searchable by area, and filterable by product category. Users can click on a map pin, or producer tile, to go to a detailed producer profile page, as well as their complete product catalogue.


All of your members, in one place

A page listing only your members, filterable by name and by the product categories they sell. Users can also search by producer name, and distance from their location.

UKFoodWeb membership group producer list page screenshot
UKFoodWeb food group member product listings

A complete product catalogue

A catalogue view page, displaying all of your producers by category, or a single view of all products sold by your members filterable by category.


Detailed profile pages, engaging consumers

Detailed producer profile page, engaging consumers with the producers brand, including a full product catalogue.

UKFoodWeb producer detail page screenshot
UKFoodWeb producer catalogue page screenshot

A full, filterable product catalogue

Each producer profile includes a full catalogue page, fiterable by category, and link to detailed product pages.


Detailed product pages

A detailed product page showcases each product, with everything the customer may want to know.

UKFoodWeb producer catalogue page screenshot

Member Benefits

We also offer the following benefits to our partner’s membership.

UKfoodWeb subscriptions Page

subscription rates

A 20% discount across all of our producer subscriptions.



Inclusion in customised outbound marketing campaigns, focussed specifcially on the partners producers.

Woman with a basket shopping in a retailer shopping aisle

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