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Trusted by over 10,000 industry professionals, a la calc is the go-to service for FIR compliance, producing allergen declarations, QUID ingredient declarations and nutritional tables and generating images of FIR compliant labelling for packaging and supply chain.

Utilising the McCance & Widdowson database authorised by the FSA, your results and labels will be suitable for retail in the UK and EU market.

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Product Recipes

managed with ease

Recipes can be managed with ease. Choose from an extensive database of over 12,000 base ingredients, even combine these to create your own base recipes that can, in turn, be used as ingredients to create even more complex final product recipes. By adding ingredient cost, wastage and weight loss from cooking and recipes can be analysed and modelled to optimise batch production cost against per unit sales pricing.


partner benefits

The producer premium subscription includes a la calc at no further cost.

For standard and starter subscriptions a la calc can be added as an option, with a flat rate fee of £1 for each new recipe created. Existing recipes can be edited and updated at no cost, including creation of recipe cards, labels and recipe data imports into UKFoodWeb.

Already a UKFoodWeb Standard or Starter member?

This offer is limited to new a la calc accounts created via UKFoodWeb, and a fair usage policy applies.

Existing a la calc accounts can be connected to UKFoodWeb, but will remain on the pre-existing a la calc subscription. However, any recipe data, labels and data imports can be made UKFoodWeb at no cost.

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Product Labels

and much more...

After completing your recipes EU compliant typical values tables, front of pack images (traffic lights), and nutrition and ingredient labels can be downloaded in SVG, PDF or PNG formats. Plus, all recipe data can be further downloaded as a recipe card PDF or exported as XLS files for further processing.

Needless to say, security is a top priority. All data is encrypted in the database as well as in transit; even the ingredients specfied within recipes are encrypted to a 256-bit bank-level standard, and everything is backed up every hour to a secondary location to ensure nothing is lost.

a la calc: SAVE TIME

and stay protected

The partnership between a la calc and UKFoodweb is a huge timesaver, as you don’t need to enter data twice. A secure connection between both systems means that once you’re happy with your recipe in a la calc, all of the ingredient, nutrition and allergen information as well vitamins & minerals and even labels can be quickly ‘imported’ from a la calc into UKFoodWeb.

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