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The Larder Group are one of the UKs foremost online retail service providers for the craft, artisan and local independent sector. Their vision is to ‘level the retail playing field’, providing access to world-class online services and technology that will enable SME producers and independent retailers to operate toe-to-toe with the largest of online retailers. This can be via a direct to consumer model, or local and national retail but with short supply chains, allowing a significantly higher percentage of revenue to be passed back to the producer.

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Online Marketplaces

An engine for growth

The Larder Group owns and operates a number of specialist online marketplaces, such as The Great British Larder and Drink Artisan, as well as offering, under a licensing model, marketplace and last-mile delivery technology to local and city councils, farmers markets, trading associations and co-operatives.

Better exposure, less cost

Increased profit margins

Each marketplace gives you complete control over your profile, products listings, pricing, shipping costs, volume discounts, marketing and more.

It is possible to manage your whole sales and marketing functions through The Larder Group, including selling with different products, packs sizes, pricing and marketing to retail, business or consumer.

spices laid out on a table and in measuring spoons


partner benefits

Your producer premium subscription entitles you to a 20% reduction in any sales fees or commissions.

For standard and starter subscriptions you can apply to be listed on any The Larder Group marketplace, and you will be considered a preferred vendor. With a UKFoodWeb premium subscription, you will receive a 20% rebate in any sales commissions or fees every quarter, in arrears.

Apply to be a Vendor on Drink Artisan
Apply to be a Vendor on The Great British Larder
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This offer is available to both new and existing vendor accounts made live on The Larder Group marketplaces. for the benefit of existing members, The Larder Group limits the number of producers or products in any category, and so reserves the right to approve or deny a listing request but will provide a reason as to why.

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Collaborative, Community

Together we are Stronger

Each marketplace is built with co-operation in mind. Uniquely, there is no withholding period and payment is immediate, at very low rates. Marketing and promotional services are built in; you can even embed in our own Google Analytics to track (anonymised!) customer interaction with your pages and products.

The Larder Group marketplaces and services all run on Amazon Web Services, designed with scalability and security in mind. All customer and seller data is GDPR compliant, all encrypted at rest and also in transit to bank level security. We do not store any card or financial data, as we use specialist services by Stripe as our payment processor.


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