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Just like nutritional information, My Emissions enable brands to calculate, reduce, and show the carbon footprint of their products.

The food & drink we consume is responsible for at least 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions. UN guidelines are that we must reduce food related emissions by at least 7.6% annually in order to meet the Paris Accord Climate target, and we believe carbon labelling enables consumers to make proactive, informed and sustainable choices to help meet this target.

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Carbon Labels

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My Emissions use the latest, extensive data and research to evaluate and quantify the carbon footprint of foodstuffs by its constituent ingredients. By calculating the average emissions of a recipe, a carbon footprint label can be generated much like a nutritional traffic light label we are all now accustomed to. Do you know the carbon footprint of your food and recipes?


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Until the end of October 2021, all producer subscriptions include a complimentary 6-month subscription to My Emissions.

(As of 1/5/21 My Emissions plans are free for up to 20 labels, to £189 for 2000 labels per year)

Simply sign up for a UKFoodWeb account, then create your My Emissions account via the My Services Page.

Sign up to UKFoodWeb, and My Emissions membership is included. *

* This offer is limited to new My Emissions accounts created via UKFoodWeb before 31st Oct 2021, a fair usage policy applies, and is for 6-months free period. Renewal charges may apply after the free period.

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Carbon Footprint

Scientifically Accredited

My Emissions has built a priority food emissions database, based on ‘life cycle assessments’ published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. This provides specific values for each ingredient and food throughout the main stages of its life cycle. The My Emissions database contains global values for some foods, and location-specific values for others, in particular those sourced from the UK.

Producer Specific

Assessing Your Footprint

My Emissions then collects producer specific data, all easily available such as asking where and how the ingredients were farmed or created, how the ingredients and final product is transported, along with the packaging used. This allows My Emissions to calculate a credible and reliable value based on the full journey of the food, which you and your customers can trust.

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